Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Curly Culinary Corner: Turkey Chili or How sharp objects are not my friends

For those of you who know me well, you know how klutzy I am when it comes to sharp objects. Whether it's a knife, a needle, a cheese grater or even a car door, it has somehow managed to cut me.

Such was the case four years ago when I was making dinner and tried to open a can with a knife as I had no can opener--Freshman logic is not the best logic.

The damage done four years ago.

And such was the case last night when I tried to make my dinner. I found this really tasty recipe on Pinterest for Turkey Chili and I was so excited to make it. It was probably this excitement that caused me to make a hasty move and stab my hand again. Anyway, the ground turkey I had bought was the kind that is packaged in a plastic tube and has clips on the end. I have always been under the impression that these clips are metal, so I started to cut the plastic off with a little paring knife the knife slipped off of the frozen turkey, and well you get the picture. What is funny about this story is that it was the exact same hand that I had stabbed years ago, and my new scar will be perpendicular to my old one (oh, now he has a friend!). Well, the moral of this story:

Yep, I've been doing it wrong for years! And I'm sure my hands will appreciate my new found knowledge.

Photo from www.skinnytaste.com (my camera's battery was dead)
Long story short, I finished making the chili and it was soooo good. My roommate told me it was better than Wendy's chili, so I'll take that as a complement. You can find the recipe here.And on the plus side, it's super healthy!

But don't be a dorky klutz like me and stab your hand open in the process of making this deliciousness :)


  1. Oh! I'm sorry girl! I had no idea you could microwave those! LIFE CHANGED!

  2. YOU CAN MICROWAVE THEM???? WHAT???!!! Sorry got carried away with the caps lock, so sorry you had to chop the hand but yay for the rest of us and our new found knowledge.